Watching In Another's Shoes
1. Breathing In The Bathroom
2. The Opening And Closing
3. Mitre Saw
4. Rock Band
5. Heading Out (for Good)
6. But What Is A Person?
7. Ecco Intro Recepsion (feat Tibetan Singing Bowl L490)
8. Closing Thoughts
1. It All Begins With An Interview
2. An Excerpt From A Piece Of Unrelated Media, Played For Your Entertainment And My Enrichment
3. It Isn't A Fair Reaction, I Agree, But Her Response Was Not Much Better
4. We Find Her, In The Aftermath Of The Unfortunate Incident, Finding Solace In The Vocal Arms Of Her Man, The Ineffable Beck
5. In Which An Argument With One's Superiors Does Not End Well, Backed by Some Of The Cheeriest Music Bright Eyes Has Ever Produced
6. An Offense To The Senses