Not Yet A Champion

Not quite a colossus
Not yet a champion
Not for a lack or wont of try
Not for nothing, never for much
Never for sure, and always as such
But for sure I tried
For sure I stood on the shoulders
Of the few giants I knew
And hoped their height would blend into my own
But I never saw further
Than my own navel
Though some enjoyed my transcription of the view
A few transfixed on my gaze
And in set malaise
An inset daze
A stuttering phase
A doddering pace
While everyone raced
through the maze
I munched on maize
which is corn.
It was tasty, and it was yellow
just like me.
You see,
I have had some success
Not enough to lay claim as the best
Not even enough to lay claim as the worst
But a figure big enough to figure I'm doing something
But what a sight
I am.
I allow myself to walk into the night
I am.
I find myself grateful for the night
I am.
I even try to blend into the night
It is day.
And when it is day the sun shines.
And when the sun shines the birds sing
And when the birds sing I try to join in
in my own little awkward way
Because the musicality of things appeals to me
The song-like, dream-like flow
of anything
Through this and that and the other thing
into something
something that hasn't been though of or up
in a very long time
when I think enough
my thoughts will blend together
and out of the slurry
I'll bric-o-brac a newness
and on this newness I'll stand
not quite a colossus
not yet a champion
but happy nonetheless
but notwithstanding happy.