Back Alley

Thomas and I ran into the back alley with it in our pockets. He peaked out, breathing heavily, then tapped my shoulder and kept running. I didn't stay to see the shop owner still chasing us. The alley took a bunch of sharp turns and I didn't even know where we were anymore, I was just running and trying to hold onto it and keep up with Thomas.

After a few really nasty turns we got separated. I got really scared. I felt my heart thumping up in my ears and I heard myself breathing so loud I wouldn't hear the shopkeeper creeping up on me. I wouldn't know to run when he finally caught me, which he did, eventually, of course. Thomas was nowhere, enjoying it while I sat in a corner as my parents apologized to the shopkeeper and berated me for stealing. But I was hungry, and it was so tasty.

I think what bothered them most wasn't that I stole, but that I was caught. Thomas' parents didn't say much when they found out. They just mumbled something about not doing it again and kept watching their reruns.